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Perhaps best known for his work on Birds of Prey and Justice League of America, Ed Benes is one of the industry's hottest talents!  Following a succesful run on Red Lanterns, and some work on Batgirl, Dark Knight, and Superman, Ed is currently hard at work on his first creator-owned title, NINA AND ARIEL, which is set to debut later this year!

While Ed's commission list is currently full, we will be sending an announcement out through the mailing list once the list opens up again.  Just let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list, and we can notify you once Ed is ready to accept new requests!

9" x 12" Pen and Ink

  • $500 single character, minimal background
  • Add $250 for each additional character

11" x 17" Copic Markers (Full Color)

  • $1000 single character, minimal
  • Add $500 for each additional character


Pinups + Misc. Art

Nina & Ariel #1

Superman Issue 34

Commission Samples