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"From New York Times bestselling creators Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT) and Brian Hurtt (The Sixth Gun) comes the first story in a new generation of adventure!"

"Adventure runs in Poppy Pepperton's family! At the age of ten, Poppy is the greatest explorer since her grandfather Pappy Pepperton, traveling the globe with her trusty sidekick/legal guardian Colt Winchester. When a shrunken mummy head gives a series of clues to discover an exotic fish no one's seen in years, adventure calls, and Poppy and Colt find themselves in the strange city of Old Macadamia, swimming alongside the gigantipus, trailed by a strange robot, and end up uncovering clues to the greater mystery of what happened to Pappy all those years ago!"

We are thrilled to offer the original artwork to the first book in the Poppy! series.  Each page features Brian Hurtt pencils / inks and Matt Kindt watercolors on heavy watercolor paper. 


Poppy and the Lost Lagoon